Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Liferay DXP is a robust enterprise Web Portal platform, fully developed using Java programming language. It provides an easy to use development framework for new applications or customization. It has been proven to be reliable and stable in mission critical deployments in diverse industries.

Liferay offers an open source platform for the development of enterprise-grade software. It is being built upon modern J2EE technology which allows developers to enhance the digital experience platform for enterprises. Hence, the developers’ community often consider it as a web application framework or content management framework.
  1. Complete Enterprise Solution
    • Enterprise edition allows web portal development without writing a single line of code.
    • Community edition offers portlets and plugins that supports various Enterprise portal developments.
  2. Cost Effective
    • NO licensing costs are involved unless the Out-of-Box features in Enterprise edition are required.
  3. Easy Implementation & Express Setup
    • “Java” platform.
    • There are many off-the-shelves apps in the marketplace.
    • Portals can be developed in as fast as 3 days!
  4. UI/UX Compatibility & Responsive Layout
    • Works well with CSS, XHTML, HTML5 and other designing technologies.
    • Dynamic Drag and Drop feature.
    • API available for creating responsive websites.
  5. and many more!
  6. Not just these, Liferay today is features with CLOUD capabilities too!
Make your customer journey cohesive.
  • Keep the conversation going across various touchpoints for an omnichannel experience.
  • Engage from prospect to customer to advocate. Support customers from first marketing touch to post-purchase.
  • Build on your customer relationships from one interaction to the next to encourage customer growth and loyalty.
  • Continuously improve customer experiences with data and insights, such as a single customer view, to better engage and support customers.
Personalize each customer interaction.
  • Create different segments of users for your key audiences and visitors.
  • Deliver content and functionality in context, tailored for each customer.
  • Quickly create engaging customer experiences with scalable personalization tools.
  • Stay relevant and continue to keep learning about what your visitors want.
Connect your business for connected customer experiences.
  • Host multiple systems on one platform and unify experiences for your customers.
  • Connect seamlessly with adjacent solutions such as Liferay Analytics Cloud and Liferay Commerce.
  • Bridge legacy systems with new solutions into one powerful platform.
  • Leverage an all-in-one-platform that includes a WCM, DAM, Identity Access and Management and a wide breadth of enterprise capabilities.
Extend digital transformation beyond just marketing.
  • Bring customer data into a single view that gets everyone on the same page from sales and marketing to support and operations.
  • Create unique, but integrated employee experiences to help unite the work of every team for digital success.
  • Drive reuse and efficiency across systems of content, customer data and services.
  • Gain insights into what business processes need improvement and streamline them with out-of-the-box workflows.
Quickly customize on a flexible platform.
  • Code and deploy more rapidly on Liferay DXP, accelerating development to get your products to market faster.
  • Lay the foundation for agility with industry standards development, and then easily migrate and configure any project for Liferay DXP.
  • Work faster with less resources. Portal-heritage DXPs are able to seamlessly connect and utilize the legacy software and systems that enterprises have amassed over time
Stay ahead of digital evolution.
  • Experiment and evolve for future needs on a flexible platform that has reusable services, modules, compatibility with a wide range of tools and open APIs.
  • Easily scale your solutions as your organization and needs grow with multitenancy capabilities and autoscaling through Liferay DXP Cloud.
  • Empower your developers with the modern tools necessary for building your enterprise’s success.
  • Build with confidence on a platform that continues to grow through organic innovation and contributions from a vibrant open source community.


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